'Talk of the Town'

by Anna Young

The week of rain and sunshine, blessings and more blessings, what a mighty GOD we serve; We are now at the end of the fifth month of this wonderful year 2015. Can you believe it is half gone? School is stepping out for a short while and the children nothing to do. (Say what about lets getting together with the children and go back to the days of active ball games) Let me know " like yesterday" I'm all for it.

With the week starting off with another great holiday made the week past faster than we expected but all was well. Even with the wind and rain many wonderful programs came into being.

The Shiloh Baptist District Association had a wonderful bible institute teaching and the message coming form from the police chief was wonderful. I really didn't know he was a minister, now that I know I can say he not only have been nice to me now I can say, he brings a good message from the Bible. CCISD 's and many other schools gave recognition to their graduating students with scholarship programs presentations. CCISD received a great number of scholarships and a massive number of $$$$ with some of its students receiving the full four year scholarships.

I was really impressed with the youngster that received his recognition from the United States Navy, he was the only one still I was glad to see jut that only one. Many of the students was in recognition for almost enough college hours to be graduating the AA degree in a year. However almost all of the student did have acquired college hours. What a wonderful blessing and should have proud parents and instructors in high school neighbors, friends and relatives. CISD celebrated with an outstanding Baccalaureate message and wonderful fellowship with family, friends and neighbors. The class is small but the education scholarships and college hours are large, something else to be thankful for. Bro Mark gave a message to be remembered by each student both on the graduating list and not. It takes courage to choose, accept and work toward the plans God has for your life, don't you know?

Well! Some have cried about the rain, I guess now the tears will continue with the sun and the heat. I was just thinking, If, God pleased each of us with the weather we like all the time, each one of us as well like it, (some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it not hot not cold) and we walked around every day the way we like it with each one in his/her weather, what a messed up world we would have.

How is Molly Locke I'm asked. Well! I had to ask that question myself. The answer is, she is better and getting around on her own. I do wish I could see her sometime. An Old Class Motto: You can't see without looking, but you can look without seeing, and you can do both without focusing, however focusing is the most important. You can look toward and miss, however while looking you don't always see just what you're looking at, but Focusing is Important. When you enter your prayer closet this week please remember my good friend Richard Thompson, Shirley Thompson, nursing home residents, friend and neighbors not for getting our government representatives.

Thought: When thing go wrong as they sometimes will; When the road you're trudging seems all uphill, when funds are low and debts get high, and you want to smile but you have to sigh, when care is pressing you down a bit, Rest, if you must , but don't quit. God is still in control and your faith in Him try to follow His will in your life, you'll see the difference. Don't Quit, Remember GOD loves you. and so do I. Prayer: We thank you our Father for you have been and are merciful and loving daily, moment by moment, heart beat by heart beat, and for this we are thankful, for last nights lying down and this mornings arising. We ask just a closer walk with the holding us as we walk the walk that you have assigned for us one by one. We ask a special blessing for our children as they take this new step in life for the home in high school and the colleges to different world. We realize June is the month so many have chosen for the new life called weddings. We ask your blessing there as well. Thanking you for the blessing in illness and mis-understandings of family, friends and employers. and we ask the safety of all in the precious name of your Son our savior Jesus Christ.... Amen.....

And that's the way it was......Anna.