Smith selected as court clerk

By Lew Vail
Enterprise staff
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CORRIGAN – Municipal Judge Wayne Yankie presented a review of the process he used in selecting new court clerk, Sheila Smith.
He indicated his choice for the position has experience in county government (currently working for Polk County) and has a background that fits with his court procedures. He will hire Smith with a six-month probationary period.

Yankie asked council to approve the hiring, effective Oct. 1, to which, council voted in favor. During the review of the current month's expenses and financials, council asked city manager Darrian Hudman to place the codes for department categories at the bottom of a page of the printout.

It will facilitate their defining where funds are allocated. Council approved the reports and expenditures.

Council approved the minutes of the August meetings, with one correction noted by Hudman. Having reviewed the 2015-16 budget during workshops, council passed a $2,681,111 budget by unanimous vote. Action on setting the ad valorem tax rate was tabled until a procedural question could be addressed.

Hudman said he would have an answer early Wednesday and council would be able to decide whether a special meeting would be necessary or if the action could wait until the regular October meeting. A copy of the budget is available at city hall during business hours.

Police Chief Darrell Gibson reported the department arrested 15 persons during the period of Aug. 18 – Sept. 14. The number of citations written was not available, due to a clerk's illness. They made 205 calls for service and performed 1,843 building checks and opened 16 cases, one of which was forwarded to the district attorney's office for prosecution.

There was a discussion regarding the recent armed robbery and the fact that the person who committed the crime, was under age 18. Council asked Gibson what could be done about these young people breaking curfew and roaming the streets.

Gibson answered, "We can't make the parents take care of them, they get fined and just don't seem to care." Gibson added that there are several who do not seem to have a home to go to and just spend their nights on the street.

There was no fire department report for August and no city manager's report given, as Hudman is still shorthanded in city hall working both his position and the city secretary's. The meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.