Bomb Squad, ATF help with Monday night bust

By Chris Edwards

LAMBRIGHTLAMBRIGHTCORRIGAN – A Corrigan man is facing felony charges and pending federal charges stemming from the findings of a search warrant executed on Monday night.

Joel Reuben Lambright, Jr., a 43-year-old Corrigan man, is currently in the Polk County Jail, held on three separate felony charges, with bonds totaling $300,000. In addition to those charges, Lambright is also awaiting federal charges from a bomb that was discovered during the search of his home.

According to Detective Bert Sims with the Corrigan Police Department, officers with Corrigan PD had received confidential information pertaining to the presence of narcotics at Lambright's home, and a search warrant was obtained by Corrigan PD Officer Cody Hardy, who along with officers Dana Vanya and Tyler Johnson, were dispatched on Monday night to execute the search warrant at Lambright's residence on Eden Street at around 7 p.m.

When the officers arrived, they found a large amount of K2 (synthetic marijuana or "kush") and an explosive device. Detective Sims described the device as "a fairly simple device," consisting of black powder inside a container with a detonating device attached. "It would have still done a lot of damage...would've messed up someone's day," Detective Sims said.

Along with two Houston Police Department bomb squad trucks and personnel, as well as officers with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, Detective Sims arrived on the scene following the discovery of the bomb and call for backup.

The bomb specialists on the scene utilized high-tech equipment to scan the explosive device and disassembled it. The contents were taken into custody as evidence, along with the other contraband that was found.

In addition to the explosive device and the synthetic marijuana, Detective Sims said that a trace amount of methamphetamine was also found in the home, along with a large amount of merchandise that officers initially believed was stolen. Detective Sims said that later the officers "determined that the property we thought was stolen wasn't, so that charge was dropped."

Lambright was taken into custody without incident, according to Detective Sims, and booked into the county jail. Judge Wayne Yankie set Lambright's bonds at $100,000 each, but federal agents are still assessing the bomb charge. "At this time there's still some loose ends to tie-up in the investigation," Detective Sims said.

The felony charges Lambright is currently being held on include manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance; prohibited weapon, and possession of a controlled substance.